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Contributor Guidelines

Content on PulseBlueprint helps people solve all kinds of workplace challenges so they can excel in their chosen careers. 

Our audience is professionals, entrepreneurs, and intrapreneurs of a wide range of ages, industries, and experience levels.

Styles of content

  1. Informational piece with subheadings (For example: Interview questions to prepare for).
  2. Op-ed with one point to make (“This way is wrong, do this instead” or “This book is great, here’s why”).
  3. Long-form narrative that explores multiple sides of an idea (“Recruiting is interesting, isn’t it? You can look at it philosophically, literally, figuratively, emotionally, etc……”).

Topics of content:


  • Finding a job
  • Excelling in your job
  • Getting promoted


  • Becoming a leader
  • Becoming a better leader
  • Managing leaders

Life Hacks

  • Mental health and wellness
  • Staying motivated
  • Personal growth tips

Pop Culture

  • Lessons about work you can garner from celebrities, TV shows, singers, famous business people, etc.


While length is generally defined as “whatever you need to tell the story,” here are general guidelines we’ve found most effective for different types of articles:

  • Informational piece: 5-10 headings @ ~150-250 words per sub-heading
  • Op-ed: 750-1,250 words
  • Long-form: ~2,000-3,000 words

If you are accepted as a contributor, you do not need to alert PulseBlueprint ahead of time which post style you are going to write. Simply submit the article you feel best captures the message/action items you want to share.

Our voice:

Experiential: Based on information in the world or things that actually happened.

Fun: Engaging content, presented in an interesting way or with a novel narrative wrapping.

Practical: Every piece of content needs a concrete answer to “What do I want my reader to know or know how to do after reading my article?”

  • For informational, the answer should be “know more about this topic,” or “know how to solve this problem.”
  • For op-ed, the answer should be “see why my action plan is better than the other one” or “see what they should be taking from this book/event/etc.”
  • For long-form, the answer should be “see all sides of this argument with relevant data and examples for each side.” 

Your content

  • Posts must be at least 500 words.
  • Content should be relevant to our site and audience of working professionals, entrepreneurs, and intrapreneurs.
  • Submit original work.
    • This is going under your name, so it must be words you wrote.
    • You may syndicate your work on PulseBlueprint that was previously published in your blog. However, it must still be original work.
  • Aim for a unique perspective on PulseBlueprint.
    • The topic itself can be written about before (i.e. getting a job) but your take or advice should be unique to the PulseBlueprint audience.
  • If you want to do an interview for your piece, PulseBlueprint may be able to help you reach out. However, you will ultimately be responsible for securing and conducting the interview.
    • If you interview someone, make sure it’s stated in the piece and all quotes are given proper attribution.
  • No explicit, vulgar, or otherwise inappropriate content. 
    • PulseBlueprint is a professional site, read by professionals of all ages.
  • Use multiple examples or data points to illustrate your point.
    • Informational posts should have one data point or example (minimum) per section.
    • Op-eds and long-form articles should use multiple examples or data points throughout and for each point or argument.
  • Do not knowingly submit misinformation.
    • This can be stamped out easily by citing all sources and claims.
    • Contributors caught spreading misinformation will be removed from the site.
  • Content should not offer legal, medical, or other accredited professional advice.
    • If you are giving advice that could be perceived as any of the above, be clear in your article that the information should be taken information only, not as official advice.
    • If you are an accredited professional (such as doctor or lawyer) writing about your area of expertise, you can say so, but still add a disclaimer that content is for informational purposes only.

Content submission

If selected as a contributor, you will be given a contributor account on PulseBlueprint. You can upload your posts and publish drafts from your contributor dashboard.

Your bio:

Please put your author bio in your profile, not in the article.

This can be done in the Profile tab of your PulseBlueprint contributor account.


  • All your work is credited to you.
  • Attribution must be to a person, not a company.


All claims must cite the study where it was proven or time it was shown via a hyperlink. If it’s original material (i.e. you observed or did a study), then cite yourself in text and link appropriately.

The exception is commonly understood knowledge (e.g. “The sun looks yellow most days”).

Confidential information:

Don’t share confidential information you don’t have explicit permission to share.

Scrub personal stories for names, confidential data points, and other identifying information unless you have written permission to share that fact from the person or organization it’s about.


Acceptable CTAs:

  • Download a digital item (whitepaper, study, etc.).
  • Booking an online demo of a relevant product mentioned in the article.

Unacceptable CTAs:

  • Offline CTAs – book a call, visit the office, book an appointment.
  • Newsletter subscription CTAs.
  • CTAs containing affiliate offers.

Images and media

  • You must have permission to use third-party images, video, or other media that you submit with your content. If the media is yours, by submitting it you imply consent to use it for the content and any promotion of the content.
  • If you’d like to add royalty-free images, you can do so with images from any royalty-free image site. Examples include:
  • If using royalty-free images, please be sure to cite the source (Unsplash and Burst give you the code/text to copy and paste).


PulseBlueprint reserves the right to edit articles before publication

  • Headlines and subheadings are subject to change.
  • Links may be added for context.
  • Content may be edited for tone, style, or substance.
  • Media and images may be added or removed/changed at the discretion of PulseBlueprint staff.


  • You are encouraged to share your article with your own networks.
  • Articles may or may not be promoted on our homepage, in our newsletter, or across other marketing channels such as social media.


  • Up to 3 internal deep links to your own blog or company website is allowed if they are contextually relevant. No links to your home page.
  • No affiliate links allowed in articles.
  • We reserve the right to remove or nofollow any link at our discretion. 
    • If you are submitting a post in which a link must be included, it’s likely a sponsored post and probably not a fit for PulseBlueprint. Please be prepared for any, or all, links to be removed. 

PulseBlueprint syndication:

We syndicate some of our content onto Thrive Global, Buzzfeed, and other relevant websites.

Your posts may or may not be syndicated, but please note we cannot edit posts once they have been syndicated so please ensure whatever you submit to PulseBlueprint is ready to be published. 


If you write something completely new and original to publish on PulseBlueprint, we ask for exclusivity on original content for 3-5 business days before you publish it elsewhere. 

If you are syndicating to PulseBlueprint (meaning it’s published somewhere else already), please wait 3-5 business days after publishing on the original source before publishing it on PulseBlueprint. This is for SEO purposes for both parties.

If you are syndicating to PulseBlueprint, note the original source of the article at the bottom.


Disclose any financial or business relationships.

For example, if you mention a client as an example in an article, you must state the disclosure either in-text or at the bottom of the article. All mentions must still be contextually relevant to the story and may be removed if deemed by the PulseBlueprint team to be overly advertorial and lacking contextual relevance to your article.

Quantity of content submitted:

You are under no quantity limits.

Submit as few or as many posts as you’d like that are relevant to our site and audience. We select articles for publication on an article-by-article basis.


  • All post publication and editing decisions are the sole discretion of PulseBlueprint. This includes publication timelines.
    • Being accepted as a contributor is not a guarantee that all of your posts will be published. Each post is subject to review and a publication decision will be made by the PulseBlueprint team.
  • If your post is not selected for publication, we will do our best to provide feedback as to why. 
  • If we think a substantial edit is needed in order for the post to then be selected, we will let you know what edits we believe it needs in order to be publishable on PulseBlueprint.
  • These guidelines may be updated from time to time without notice, at the sole discretion of PulseBlueprint.


Questions can be directed to [email protected].