PulseBlueprint Editorial Guidelines

Welcome to PulseBlueprint, a personal and professional development company aimed at helping people make positive and successful changes in their lives. Our contributor community is an essential part of PulseBlueprint’s mission, and we love reading your pieces.

No criteria are set in stone, but here are a couple good rules of thumb to start with:

  • Aim for 600-800 words
  • Break up your pieces into sub-sections with sub-headings (use a consistent formatting)

We’d love to hear from you about any of the following topics (please remember: you must have permission from the copyright holder to use any third-party text, photos, videos or other content.):

Freelancing: Talk about starting a freelancing business. Or growing one. Or thriving as a freelancer. If it’s geared towards freelancers / solopreneurs, there’s a solid chance it will fit on PulseBlueprint.

Remote work: Millions of people around the world work remotely – some due to COVID and some because they want to.

Starting a business: It’s a tough world out there. Topics can include finding an idea, customer success, getting your first customers, startup marketing, types of businesses to start, side-hustles and side businesses, and personal entrepreneurship experiences. Often, these articles are the most effective when they share a “how” element to them, but describing hard to understand concepts is also incredibly valuable.

Other topics to cover, provided they focus on freelancers and / or remote workers

Personal Growth: Not all success happens in the office! We welcome contributions about personal success, goals outside of work, personal mental health, staying the course, work life balance, and more. In particular, we love seeing stories about how you overcame personal obstacles, the tools you used, or how you set yourself up for success.

Leadership: Becoming a great leader is hard work. We love contributions around leadership stories, failures turned into lessons and successes, insight into management and leadership psychology, tips and tricks for new leaders, management versus leadership, and more. This can also dive into intrapreneurship, looking at how to lead within an organization.

The ‘second act’: Too often, people think that the thing they started with is what they have to end with. We love hearing stories about how people’s businesses pivoted, or their careers changed. Topics could include realizing the old wasn’t working, the tools of change, the process of change, how to get people on board with change, how you’re thriving in change, what change meant to you, and more.

Relevant takes on news: Have an opinion on a major study about the workplace? Share it! Topics could include reactions to studies, debates for the other side of a workplace conversation, or sharing opinions and analysis on what’s going on in the world.

Pop culture lessons: Did a celebrity make a huge statement or do something that everyone can learn from? If you were inspired by someone’s work ethic, creativity, or bold moves – share your opinions and stories.

What content isn’t allowed on PulseBlueprint?

  • Pornography or other adult content.
  • Content about drugs (legal or illegal) or alcohol.
  • Gambling / gaming / betting content.
  • Content that implies legal or medical advice (see below for more context).

If you’re not sure, ask us via email – [email protected]

Now that you have some ideas about topics, here are some guidelines to keep in mind when submitting articles. Remember, you must have permissions to share any third-party information, images, or text.

Editorial Guidelines

Language requirements

All content must be written in English.

You can publish as many articles as you’d like

How often you publish is entirely up to you!

Please link to all your sources, studies, and research

We cannot publish unsubstantiated claims by contributors. The easiest way around this problem is to hyperlink to all of your sources.

Don’t tell someone else’s story without explicit permission

PulseBlueprint does not publish content around private interactions unless all parties have consented to make the information public or the story is already publicly known from previous disclosure. If you want to share someone’s story in a unique way, consider publishing an interview with them.

PulseBlueprint does not publish promotional articles advertising supplements, specific knowledge practices, or specific businesses

You are welcome to link back to your business, blog, or other information about the work you do if it’s contextually relevant to the story and not advertorial. However, the content you publish on PulseBlueprint must be educational and helpful in nature – it cannot simply be a list of benefits to your product or service.

If you are writing about a client or any party with whom you have a relationship, make sure to disclose that relationship.

Permitted links:

  • A specific blog post.
  • All research / sources when talking about facts or statistics.
  • A brand home page if mentioned in a list of potential solutions to a specific problem.

Non-permitted links:

  • A home page of a business or blog unless mentioned in a list of options to solve a specific problem.
  • A services or products page advertising a specific business.
  • Lead generation pages such as quizzes or walled content pages.
  • Personal affiliate links.

We reserve the right to remove or nofollow any link at our discretion. 

PulseBlueprint wants to expand on our core topics but does not publish rude, vulgar, or inappropriate content

While PulseBlueprint publishes content on a variety of topics (see above list), your writing must be relevant to those core topics. We reserve the right to decline the submission if it’s not within our core topics.

Further, we respectfully ask that you not use inappropriate, vulgar, or explicit language in your posts. We reserve the right to remove / edit vulgar, offensive, or inappropriate language, or decline pieces that violate these editorial guidelines.

Note: Out editors may occasionally update your headline or featured image to make your post as social and search-friendly as possible.

Length of pieces

While length is generally defined as “whatever you need to tell the story,” here are general guidelines we’ve found most effective for different types of articles:

  • Informational piece: 3-10 headings @ ~150-250 words per sub-heading
  • Op-ed: 750-1,250 words
  • Long-form: ~2,000-3,000 words

If you are accepted as a contributor, you do not need to alert PulseBlueprint ahead of time which post style you are going to write. Simply submit the article you feel best captures the message/action items you want to share.

Tips for your articles

  • Posts must be at least 500 words and written with business-fluency in English.
  • Submit original work.  
    • This is going under your name, so it must be words you wrote. 
    • You may syndicate your work on PulseBlueprint that was previously published in your blog. However, it must still be original work. 
  • Aim for a unique perspective.
    • The topic itself can be written about before (i.e. getting a job) but your take or advice should be unique or new.
  • If you want to do an interview for your piece, PulseBlueprint may be able to help you reach out. However, you will ultimately be responsible for securing and conducting the interview. 
    • If you interview someone, make sure it’s stated in the piece and all quotes are given proper attribution.
  • Content should not offer legal, medical, or other accredited professional advice.
    • If you are giving advice that could be perceived as any of the above, be clear in your article that the information should be taken information only, not as official advice.
    • If you are an accredited professional (such as doctor or lawyer) writing about your area of expertise, you can say so, but still add a disclaimer that content is for informational purposes only.
    • Please note we do not accept contributions that recommend or ask readers to consider taking drugs, regardless of legality, including but not limited to CBD extracts and marijuana.

Notes for your author bio

Please put your author bio in your profile, not in the article.

This can be done in the Profile tab of your PulseBlueprint contributor account.


  • All your work is credited to you. 
  • Attribution must be to a person, not a company.

Images and media

  • You must have permission to use third-party images, video, or other media that you submit with your content. If the media is yours, by submitting it you imply consent to use it for the content and any promotion of the content.
  • If you’d like to add royalty-free images, you can do so with images from any royalty-free image site. Examples include:
  • If using royalty-free images, please be sure to cite the source (Unsplash and Burst give you the code/text to copy and paste).

Here’s a full guide on how to find great images for your article.

Our editors may make slight alterations for the sake of making the article more social and search friendly, including changing the headline or feature image.


  • You are encouraged to share your article with your own networks.
  • Articles may or may not be promoted on our homepage, in our newsletter, or across other marketing channels such as social media.

PulseBlueprint syndication

We syndicate some of our content onto Thrive Global, Buzzfeed, Business2Community, and other relevant websites.

Your posts may or may not be syndicated, but please note we cannot edit posts once they have been syndicated so please ensure whatever you submit to PulseBlueprint is ready to be published. 


Disclose any financial or business relationships.

For example, if you mention a client as an example in an article, you must state the disclosure either in-text or at the bottom of the article. All mentions must still be contextually relevant to the story and may be removed if deemed by the PulseBlueprint team to be overly advertorial and lacking contextual relevance to your article.


  • All post publication and editing decisions are the sole discretion of PulseBlueprint. This includes publication timelines.
    • Being accepted as a contributor is not a guarantee that all of your posts will be published. Each post is subject to review and a publication decision will be made by the PulseBlueprint team.
  • If your post is not selected for publication, we will do our best to provide feedback as to why. 
  • If we think a substantial edit is needed in order for the post to then be selected, we will let you know what edits we believe it needs in order to be publishable on PulseBlueprint.
  • These guidelines may be updated from time to time without notice, at the sole discretion of PulseBlueprint.


Questions can be directed to [email protected].