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The PulseBlueprint ecosystem - content creation, custom swag, media platform, paid user acquisition

Content creation services for your blog or owned media platform from a writer who’s interviewed over 150 entrepreneurs and written for numerous companies, big and small. Effortlessly communicate your brand voice to your customers – and future customers. Great for sales, customer success, and customer R&D.

Custom swag so you stand out in the crowd, literally.

Media platform (this one!) where you can amplify your message through contributed content.

Paid user acquisition services from the guy who’s won awards for paid ads to draw users to your products and services.

We help companies stand out. Let us know how we can help you.

What we’re building

We’re on a mission to build a one-stop shop for new entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, freelancers, and side hustlers.

Whether you need the education to learn a new skill, solve a problem, or learn from someone who’s done it before.

If you need some inspiration to get going – or keep going.

If you need resources to help you along the way or to show off your identity.

PulseBlueprint is here for you.

Our vision is to harness the world’s entrepreneurial knowledge to create more businesses and entrepreneurs. Seems roundabout, doesn’t it? But the reality is much of the world’s entrepreneurial knowledge is locked behind closed doors. In private mentor sessions. At the dining tables of the wealthy. And more. There’s a whole world out there and we want to capture and share it.

We’re inviting you to join on us that journey.

My story

Hey! I’m Stefan, the Founder and Editor of PulseBlueprint Media. I’m an entrepreneur (one flop, one success, and now this) with a passion for capturing the world’s entrepreneurial education.

stefan palios headshot

^ trying my best smize.

I worked for a few tech companies in Toronto and was a freelance journalist before starting PulseBlueprint. Before that I started my first business.

It was a diversity and inclusion-focused recruiting company. D&I was, and still is, near and dear to my heart. I’d volunteered in the space for years and thought I knew what the industry needed (oh, and I’d be super successful).

Riding the wave of D&I, the company got into two accelerator programs where we had intense mentorship and presentations. Every time, speakers and moderators would talk about how we were getting the “real” knowledge. The kind you never read in a book or online. In a clickbait world, the practical knowledge resided in the heads of real entrepreneurs who were too busy to sit in interviews for hours on it.

The advice, to the credit of the speakers, was great. It was practical. It was contextual. It was… helpful. I found myself thinking “um, why can’t I find more content like this online?”

The company ultimately failed, taking a year and a half of my life (and a lot of my money) with it. I was struggling. But I built a decent skill set and a network from my first business, so I started doing a bit of contract work for a global tech community called HackerNest. I’d been to their meetups in the past and worked with them for a few months while I got my footing back. I’m forever grateful to them for giving me a contract, lunch every day, and a sense of purpose after the listless experience of being a failed entrepreneur.

I also got a gig doing freelance journalism for BetaKit. It was a fluke – the editor in chief saw I was live tweeting from an event they didn’t have coverage for, but wanted a write-up. I worked as hard as I could to turn around a good piece. It seemed to be good enough and I continued freelancing for them. That opportunity gave me the chance to go to events, learn, and interview people – all for free. With a media pass, no less.

While immensely cool to interview billionaires, executives, and even government leaders, there was always a really insightful portion of the interview edited out. It’s nothing personal, simply editing to tell a narrative story.

I started to learn exactly why the helpful content I’d learned during accelerators was not more readily available online – it kept getting edited out! And now I was part of the problem.

I kept freelancing after I got a job working in customer success for a content marketing startup. I also started my second business, calling it “PulseBlueprint Branded Journalism”. I helped scaling startups tell their brand story and I thought he was being clever with the name. PulseBlueprint means “what’s going on, and how do I get there” – a play on “pulse” and “blueprint”. The company had some great clients and, through journalism and my own business, I got the chance to interview over 150 entrepreneurs and hear what makes them tick, share their stories, and absorb their knowledge.


Though I was doing cool work with smart people, I still couldn’t shake how much it bothered me that so much practical knowledge I gained in interviews… never made it into the final draft. Now, you have to know something. I’m incredibly proud of the 150 interviews I’ve conducted. That’s a big number for me as a side-hustler. But there are thousands, if not millions, of journalists and bloggers in the world. As far as capacity, I was on the very very low end. So for every tidbit edited out of my pieces, there were thousands of others doing the same thing around the world. That thought left me worried at so much of the knowledge in the entrepreneurial world left on the cutting room floor, to speak.


I wanted to share the knowledge of the entrepreneurial world with entrepreneurs.

When you have your own company, everything is your fault. That means it’s your responsibility to have as much knowledge as possible, but I don’t have to tell you that.

So the idea for PulseBlueprint Media came along. I wanted an organic place to harness the practical knowledge of the entrepreneurial world. To write long-form content. To write short snippets. To do podcasts. To do whatever the story needed and to produce whatever content entrepreneurs needed.

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